Friday, January 4, 2008

Lisa Thomas Laury

Lisa Thomas Laury , Special Report/ Substitute Anchor, has officially been back with Action News for a Year!

She Joined action news as a noon co-anchor and a general assignment reporter. A couple of years later she got promoted to 5 pm. Thats where she remained for many years. Lisa then added to role as a substitute for Jim Gardner at 6 and 11 pm.

Around the year 2003, Lisa began to experience Medical Problems. She tried to keep anchoring the news, but it was getting to hard to keep going to work. She took some time off, so Monica Malpass and Rick Williams took over, then she thought she could come back. She was experiencing a lot of problems, so it was officially announced that she would be leaving Action News. As Anchor Man Jim Gardner said, the door would always be open if Lisa wanted to return.

As it tuned out, Lisa had a rare condition and was getting wrong treatment the entire time. She then got the right treatment, and was feeling better.

The story was announced around Thanksgiving time 2005, and Lisa helped Co-Hosted the Annual 6abc Boscov's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She said she wanted to come back, but was not ready.

She came back around the same time the next year, Thanksgiving 2006. She announced that she was now able to come back.

Her return to broadcasting was on January 2, 2007 with a story on the Oprah Winfrey school in Africa. Since then Lisa has done many special reports, and she has filled in as a subsitute anchor on many occausions.

She hopes that one day she wil be able to anchor the news day-to-day.

Sources: 6abc (Action News)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Karen Rogers : News Update

Karen Rogers has just returned to Action News on December 24, 2007 (Christmas Eve) after being on Maternity leave. She gave Birth to her third child: Kevin Jr. She said her family was doing really well, and that her other two daughters really enjoy having a new baby around!

Karen Rogers also found out that she is now a meteorologist. she has been taking online courses for a couple of years, and she received word about it right before she went on maternity leave. She also got her seal of approval, which not every Meteorologist gets.

Congratulations Karen!

[The other Meteorologists of 6abc are Cecily Tynan, David Murphy, Adam Joseph, and Erica Grow. The only weather anchor who is not a meteorologist is Dave Roberts. But Dave holds the seal of approval.]